Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Biography- Maria

Everyone wants to know who we are and what we do in our spare time. I had the girls put together biographies that were meant to go in the class schedule. What I didn't bank on is the size and how it would have made our class schedule about 10 pages! I have decided instead to post them on our blog! Enjoy!

Name: Maria
Favorite Colors: Blue and "Jewel Tones"
When will you find her in the shop?: When Maria is not in Ecuador with her family (as she is now) you will typically find her in on Thursday nights and teaching our sewing classes.

Maria is an all-around crafter, born into a family of very talented people. Maria was taught by her mother to crochet when she was 8 years old. Her first project was a doily, and she continues to crochet. Her latest project was a lovely teal sweater. Maria began to embroider in high school, and she did a lot of cross stitch. At the age of 15, Maria learned to sew, and sewing became her love. She mainly sewed simple things, skirts, aprons. In her early 20's, she began to quilt and became obsessed with it. She was a member of the Santa Clara Quilter's Guild and has made many quilts.

After the birth of her first child, Maria completed two years of Fashion Design school in Ecuador. Some of her favorite classes were drafting and pattern design, hand-stitching and color theory.

Maria is a self-taught knitter, and has been knitting about ten years. Through knitting, she discovered spinning which has become is her most favorite craft of all. She spins mainly sock yarn, and is now diving into the art of yarn dyeing.

In her "spare" time Maria makes jam, runs a company with her husband, raises two kids, and has her own company "A Thread Runs Through It" making project bags. Look for the release of her bags at the Nest on Saturday, August 29th from 5-7pm along with Sydney in our "Two Chicks from the Nest" event.
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