Wednesday, May 6, 2009

France Week- Part 2

Bonjour again! When we last left our fearless heroine she was awaiting the arrival of her friend Kari in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. We join our story already in progress...

...leaving my book behind and dressed in one of my Parisian assimilation outfits I went on the hunt for breakfast. Breakfast in Paris is not hard to come by, but one of the things that I find so cool about the French is their sit down and enjoy your meal mentality. This way of thinking is much better than my usual dash into Starbuck's, grab whatever looks mildly edible, and eat/drink while racing to the shop. I had time to kill before Kari arrived because her TGV train ride from Antibes would take at least 5 hours and this didn't count the Metro trip with a change of trains once she arrived in Paris. She wouldn't arrive until at least 1pm. So, I headed out and wandered around.

That first morning in Paris was overcast/misty at best (wait? did I detour and end up in London?) and so an indoor or overhang situation would be required. The 6th arrondissement is known for it's antique shops more than it's food, so I walked across the bridge to the Right Bank near the Louvre. Already the city was swirling in an intricate dance between pedestrians, Vespas, taxis, and expensive European cars. The line for the Louvre was already forming as the tourists swarmed. I was starving, having slept in, so I did what any good American would do...I went and ate with the tourists at the Louvre's shops. Yeah, I know, real exciting. Le Petit Dejeuner consists of: a cafe au lait, baguette with jam/butter, juice, and a croissant for about 5 euros. A bit of a deal considering what I typically get in the States.

Getting the lay of the land became my morning activity and after 2 hours walking at a nice clip I headed back to the hotel to wait for Kari. Knitting on my Fan Neckwarmer I waited patiently and enjoyed the peace of the hotel lobby. I felt quite good having enjoyed the food and exercise. I relaxed knitting away checking my iPhone for Kari's text messages every so often.

Then she walked through the door sporting her extra large hiker's backpack while jauntily wearing a scarf and sunglasses! My living-the-dream-in-the-South-of-France-friend had arrived we were unstoppable together on the streets of Paris! Pin It

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