Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Purse Hook

I made fun of designer Jeni Chase when, at every opportunity, she finds the need to whip her Purse Hook out and use it. Restaurants, bars, knitting nights, and even MY store (our floor is so clean you could eat off it thank you very much) become venues for Jeni to tout the praises of the Purse Hook. Finally, she said, "why don't you order some of these for the store? I think the knitter's will love them!" I fought her on it. I said they were lame. I found excuses. Reluctantly I agreed...AND THEN I WENT TO FRANCE.

I am saying here and now on this very public forum that I owe Jeni an apology. When you have a beautiful bag and you end up setting it on the ground at an outdoor's really gross. Shoulda had a Purse Hook! We now carry them in gold and silver. At $20 each they are a bargain compared to getting goo all over the bottom of your nice bag. Pin It

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