Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Book Review- "The Friday Night Knitting Club"

Have you read The Friday Night Knitting Club? Did you know that Kate Jacobs has come out with a sequel Knit Two? Well, I read The Friday Night Knitting Club over Christmas break and was lucky to see Kate Jacobs speak at TNNA. (She's a very well-spoken author and I highly enjoyed her discussion.)

To be truthful, I didn't think I was going to like this book. I am not much for Chick Lit. In fact, I think I hate the term even more then I hate the genre. Chick Lit makes it sounds like fluff...which let's be honest, there is a whole section at Borders or B&N that has replaced the "Romance" section in recent years with kitschy covers depicting high heels and cosmopolitans. The fact that The Friday Night Knitting Club fit the stereotypical "pretty cover, no content" model, scared me off. The book came out a couple of years ago and I scoffed and thought, "oh, another knitting fiction book. Whatever."

When I was leaving for Tahoe though for Christmas break I thought I should put prejudice aside and take a flip through it. Plus, I knew that the sequel was coming out, so I should at least read the first one. In addition, I was also looking for some "vacation reading" that would be light and fluffy. True many parts of the story about the Manhattan yarn store, Walker & Daughter, were fluffy, but there was a lot of substance there too. Having my own group of 'regulars' who inhabit my shop made me think more about their stories and the things we are all slogging through. Georgia (the main character) faces a lot of challenges and enjoys the wonderful parts of running a yarn store just like I do. Like Georgia I am lucky to have to have mentors (Dakota and Anita in the book, Sue and Susan in my life) and an amazing group of women who not only work for me, but have become my friends.

In the end, this book was not for sissies. I stayed up until 1am savoring the last few pages, shocked in the end at what transpired for the characters and elated that I didn't see it coming. The book was very well written and if you are looking for a good mixture of fluff and substance, I highly recommend The Friday Night Knitting Club. Pin It


Lisa said...

It is on my iPod now and I have been listening to it while I knit in the evenings! There are points in the story that hit home with me.

Val said...

I read this during my holiday as well. I have to say I wasn't expecting to like the book, but I quite enjoyed it. When I got home I tried to encourage my friends to start a knitting group. Only have three so far, but who knows.