Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finding more balance in your life- Knit a cowl with me

Did you happen to catch Oprah's "Live Your Best Life" week? I did and it really made me think about one of my new year's resolutions for find more balance in my life. It might sound amusing to you that I don't really have a lot of time to knit or sew anymore even though I own the store. Very rarely will you find me working on a project in the shop. You're more likely to find me hiding in the back working on the accounting...and that's no fun! I need to inject a little joy back into my life, so one of my resolutions is to craft in the shop and not feel guilty about it!

I think the best way to start any plan is to rope off the time in my calendar (and yours) by starting a craft-along. I am "on the floor" every Tuesday and Wednesday, so I was thinking Wednesday nights might be the best. Everyone knows I love easy projects and more now than ever I need to just get knitting! I have three skeins of cashmere roped off for cowls, so let's start there. The cowl-along starts this Wednesday from 6-7pm. Bring a pattern or just make one up with me! Pin It

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