Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PR5- Rock this town

I know I am so late in posting this, but it's not as if I have forgotten about PR5, just got busy. Grab your TiVo and let's get caught up!

Episode 11 was as confusing as it was interesting. Let me try to break it down. The designers had to design for each other in a rock genre chosen by Tim Gunn. So the designers acted as designer and model. Ugh! I'll post the pictures and skip the comments because seriously, it kind of made my head explode.

Designed by Suede. Modeled by Jerell. Genre: Rock

Designed by Jerell. Modeled by Kenley. Genre: Pop

Designed by Leanne. Modeled by Korto. Genre: Country

Designed by Korto. Modeled by Suede. Genre: Punk

Designed by Kenley. Modeled by Leanne. Genre: Hip Hop

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