Friday, October 3, 2008

PR5-Naughty by Nature

This week on Project Runway it was the ol' take-the-camera-and-shoot-pictures-of-nature-that-inspires-you challenge. We've been through this before in past seasons, but I must say that the garments left something to be desired in comparison. Wowza!

Jerell could give Santino from Season 2 a run for his sequined trim with all of the sparkle, glitz and glam. Who knew you nature could "inspire" something like this.  As Tim Gunn says, "it's a lot of look."

Put a flower pot on her head and you'd have a costume worthy of a production of "Alice in Wonderland." Kenley, it was just too costume-y.

Korto, the color alone was horrendous! Good thing you added that lace...that'll fix it.  Ugh!

Leanne not the worst, but kind of matronly. It just looked like a bad bridesmaid dress to me.

They are all designing collections for Bryant Park, but only 3 will show. Good luck!
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