Friday, October 10, 2008

PR5- Always a Bridesmaid

We have 3 girls going to Bryant Park!!!  Yay!  Sorry to spoil it for you, but yay regardless.  I liked Jerell and I think he was talented despite his increased use of superfluous trim, but seriously, a woman needs to win and now there is a 100% chance of that happening.

So, I have been good and have not looked at the final collections of the designers on Bravo.  Week 13 was all about bridal.  Each designer had made a wedding dress in their style at home and then guess get to make a matching bridesmaid dress!  Woo hoo!  

(Blame Bravo and the fact that I refuse to snoop in the final collections for the lack of good pictures this week.)

Kenley's wedding dress was so cute! I love the feathers! It's a Dita Von Teese meets 50's prom dress. Love it!

Kenley's bridesmaid dress was adorable and it was blue! What's not to like?

Korto had a few issues with overdesigning, but I liked the dress regardless of what Michael and Nina said.

Having the same issues with the bridesmaid dress that she had with the wedding dress was inevitable, but I still think Korto did a good job overall.

These pictures are just sad because Leanne's dresses were VERY cool with their architectural modernism. Her look is about ocean waves and I think she definitely captured it in the dresses.

Leanne's bridesmaid dress was just cool. I liked it better than the wedding dress. You go Leanne!
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