Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Merci Beaucoup a thousand times over!

A big merci with a cherry on top to all of you who joined us for the Anniversary Party Saturday! It was a whirlwind of activity, but I am so glad you took the time to come in enjoy a cupcake, a glass of champagne (or two), and our sale. What a wonderful event and the icing on the altogether successful year!

A few special merci's go out to Sydney, Maria, Kathrin, and my husband for helping me be in 5 places at once all while enjoying the party. Jeni and Hannah also deserve a hug for their support and kindness. I also would like to thank Commuknity for the beautiful flower arrangement and for coming by to support me. Finally, I was so touched by the presents that BJ, Anne Marie, Maria, and Linda hand-delivered. How special you all are!

To our wonderful customers and friends I would not be here if it were not for you. This year has been an amazing experience and I really cherish the people I have met in the process. What started as the the inkling to have a shop reminiscent of Meg Ryan's bookstore in "You've Got Mail" or Vianne's chocolaterie in "Chocolat" has bloomed into the shop you see today. Everyday I am in awe of how fast the year went by, how much I've accomplished, and just how much more there is to come!

For those who are curious about the winners of the raffle prizes...Janel won our Grand Prize which was a $100 gift card. Tamara won the baby blanket "Fibre en Fleur" gift basket. Diane was the winner of the shawl bouquet. Sara won the Jelly Roll gift basket. Enjoy! Pin It

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Hannah Marie said...

ma belle ~ much <3!