Thursday, September 11, 2008

PR5- What the heck was that?

It's really hard for me to write about this week on Project Runway, because it was just so odd. The whole show was sort of out there and I just didn't get it.  Honestly, designing an avant-garde look that centers around an astrological sign.  What?  And you know me, I don't post the ugly stuff, but there was a whole lot of ugly goin' on this week!  Let me tell you.  These three are the least offensive?  I know!
There's never a shortage of trims and accoutrement when Jerell is around! This look had a least 7 trims on the sleeves and the skirt had this weird sort of Victorian inspired hips. It's not unpleasing, but it's not fabulous either.

Joe went all out for this look. Fiery and ruffled, this dress was probably one of the best on the runway in my opinion. I thought it was the most wearable, but still had an avant-garde essence about it. You be the judge...

Finally, Leanne's look was strange, but I feel that it really did incorporate the Scorpio sign into it without being too obvious. A lot of the others did things like put fur on a Leo costume or use blue fabric for an Aquarius, but I thought Leanne did a great job of staying avant-garde while using the astrological sign.

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