Thursday, September 4, 2008

PR5- Style legend Diane Von Furstenberg

Don't you just love Diane Von Furstenberg? How can you not? She's gorgeous, has a wonderful accent, is a grande dame of fashion with her impeccable style and has now been on PR5! Plus, I am a sucker for her American Express commercial. This week on PR5 the designers were asked to create a look that would enhance Diane's already fabulous collection. The winning look is now available to American Express card members (nice tie-in there, PR5!). Thank you Diane for making an appearance and giving those designers something tasty to work on.

Kenley, criticized for only making one piece, still nailed it in my opinion. This chinois inspired dress fit like a glove and was so well executed that you had to love it. I initially was not crazy about the print, but I will say that it photographs well. It is quite the attention getter!

Korto, still a standout in my eye. I love the black, white, and yellow. Dee-lish! The jacket is cute and only enhances the dress that more. I can see a girl wearing this to any number of occasions including black tie events. I think my favorite part of the dress though has to be the peek of yellow you get in the bodice. Well done Korto! I'd wear it for sure.

Leanne won again! Totally deserved too. I love the dress (of course I do...1930's inspired, drop back, blue? What's not to love? Have you met me?). I thought the jacket was a nice juxtaposition against the dress. You sort of have a yin and yang relationship here between the pieces and it was all so well-tailored that Leanne deserved the win for sure.

Terri gets the "Wow! That's a lot of work!" award. Jeez! A coat, pants (which in my opinion are one of the hardest and worst things to make) and a top! Terri, you are awesome. I don't know how you do it, but you do.

Wouldn't it be cool if the finalists were all women? These four right here are my picks!
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