Friday, September 19, 2008

PR5- The business of ugly

Going out into the world of business, I reflect on some of those supposed outfits that I wore (now mind you it was the mid to late 90's) and shudder. My first job when I moved to the Bay Area was working in a small law firm. We were a family and I was definitely the rebellious college age daughter of the partners. I was hired as the receptionist and the coffee girl. I took my job seriously, but my wardrobe?...yeah, not-so-much. Wowza, if I wore now what I wore then I would be thought to be serving so much more than coffee. This was during my "Ally McBeal" phase so the skirts were short. No shrinking violet at 5'10" my hem hit mid-thigh and matched with my 3-4" tall heels I was quite the dish...or at least I thought so. I can only imagine what my employers thought. In fact, I even remember the outfit I interviewed in...a plaid skort (oh, but it was a skort), nylons, brown heels, a synthetic shirt of some sort (that was inevitably too big because I had, an still have, nothing to fill it up), AND the piece de resistance?...a chocolate brown hat with a big bunch of silk flowers on the brim (did you ever watch the show "Blossom"?  Oh, but it was one of 'those' hats). What the heck were they thinking hiring me? I have no idea.

Now that the trip down memory lane is complete we can talk about Project Runway. This week the designers had to dress recent college grads who were going into the workforce. Good luck with that-right? There was a whole lotta ugly marching down the runway, so rather than bore you with my commentary, I will let you be the judge.

Jerell- seriously? This was the winner. I kid you not.

Kenley- vintage inspired, ugly required.

Korto- can you drive a motorcycle in a skirt that short? Well, I suppose you could, but.....

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SpinalCat said...

Aww, I liked Jerrell's, but personality probably had a lot to do with it. Kenley's was very Ugly Betty. And it was such a cute dress underneath! I absolutely hate Korto's jacket. Blech!

ScrapHappy said...

These all look like wardrobe choices for Ugly Betty. Ick!