Tuesday, August 19, 2008

PR5- Nothing Gets Between Me and My Brooke

Brooke Sheilds...what's not to like? After all these years, the girl's still got "It." Now, I don't watch her show, Lipstick Jungle, but I think she is Gorgeous with a capital "G"! When she made her Project Runway debut, I thought now this is going to be good! She is high class, old money, and fashion. Yum!

Jerell and Stella came up with my favorite look. It doesn't photograph well, but I thought it looked great on the runway! I love the juxtaposition of leather and silk. Very complimentary and I could totally see Brooke wearing this.

Joe and Korto put together a sort of ethnic look which I really like. I think it's flirty, high fashion and regardless of it's similarity to a Cal Trans orange parka and a band-aid, I like it!

Oh Kenley! Even though Keith was the head designer on this outfit Kenley has a way of interjecting her style. I thought she came off as pushy and I am not totally thrilled with the outcome regardless of their win. It's OK, but not something I could envision wearing myself or on Brooke Shields.
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