Sunday, August 3, 2008

PR5- The mean streets of New York

First of all, my apologies go out to my faithful readers...yes, you're reading right, it's Sunday night and I am just getting to the Project Runway 5 wrap-up for this week.  I was struck down with a migraine Monday night and have been out of commission all week!  

So, spoiler alert (as usual)...

Tim and the gang took to the streets of New York at night in the rain this week.  Their challenge? Take pictures of things that inspire you and create an cocktail look/dress based on one of those pictures.  Sounds easy enough-no?  The results, I am sad to say, had a bad 80's vibe.  

The winner, Kenley's (my wonderfully retro sister) design had all the charm and sophistication of a dress worthy of Donna Martin in the first season of 90210. What happened Kenley? You could have gone in so many wonderful directions and you went here? Blech! But, you won, so who am I to judge?

Second place holder for this challenge, Leanne, stole my heart with this simple, but elegant number. I love the juxtaposition between the shiny and matte fabrics. Also, loved the fact that it was separates...a top and a skirt! So cute and sophisticated for the average gal!

I also really liked Korto's look. She is becoming a favorite of mine. I think her designs are simple, clean, and perhaps a little too safe, but I thought this particular look was very smart. I would love to wear something like this to a cocktail party!

Finally, Jerell gets my "Wow! That's A Lot of Work!" award. Can you believe that he accomplished this is the same amount of time as the other designers? A "cocktail" look it is not, but man! Seriously?  Did Jerell even sleep?
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