Monday, August 18, 2008

PR5- Going for Gold

This wrap-up is going to be short because I am trying to get back in the swing of things after being out of commission for the past few weeks. My poor TiVo was screaming for mercy because it's been chock full of Project Runway and all of my shows. So, going back in time 3 weeks....

The Olympic challenge that was, well, less Olympic, and more retro 40's inspired. much as I love vintage, designing something that was inspired by the Olympic Opening Ceremonies proved to be quite the challenge for our designers. Here were my favorites:

Terri went in a classic Ralph Lauren-esque direction which I loved. Would it work for the Opening Ceremonies? Maybe. Out of the group, it was definitely one of my favorites!

Leanne, not terribly practical for all different types of athletes, although I did think it was sporty. Cute, fun, and clean. Good job!

Korto's design was probably the most versatile and in the actual Opening Ceremonies this could have been great because it was very hot in China. I do like the little vest and the pants are awesome! Very slimming for white, which I find fantastic!

Oh Kelli, so NOT appropriate for the Opening Ceremonies. Costumey? Yes, that's the right word. Cute though and to anything else, I would so wear this!

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