Thursday, August 28, 2008

PR5- The driving force

What would you do with a bunch of seatbelts, metal car parts, light bulbs and seat covers? Of course you would think to make clothes- right? Yeah, me neither. Although, this week on PR5 that's exactly what they had to do.

Korto's take? Seatbelts! And lots of 'em! I love this jacket. I'm sure it is hot and uncomfortable, but the look was where my brain went too...weaving, knitting, or crocheting, of course. I just know in my heart that Korto is another crafty gal. "Hey Korto! Want to join our posse?"

Kenley didn't disappoint by leaving her retro feel behind! Nope, she just whipped out a skirt that included this car air filter (which reminds me that my car is terribly overdue at the ol' Jiffy Lube). Too cute! Zebra stripes courtesy of Sharpie pen.

I thought Terri's look was the most wearable. I mean, I guess if you are a biker. Seriously though, I liked it. I like the use of weaving/ crochet she did in the top and the pants? Hot!

Leanne was a little more avant garde for my taste, but as the winner I thought I should mention her. I did think the molding of the vinyl was particularly nice and the overall dress was very couture.  The frayed seatbelt was a nice touch and looks a little like feathers.  I could definitely see this walking down the runway at Bryant Park!

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