Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Take the next step in your knitting career!

Knitting hats, scarves, socks and even sweaters are things that every knitter is bound to have tried at least once. Why not try something truly custom, as well? Learning to design your own projects, like a pair of socks, using stitch patterns you can find in Stitchionaries like the Harmony Guides (or make up on your own) in your own pair of socks sounds scary--but isn't if you have the right teacher! Cookie A. will be hosting three workshops on sock design, which include everything you need to know to dive into sock design. We have a minimum of 6 students to a session.

In a time of high gas prices, and with the cost of living running out of control, it's a great time to get started in a hobby to keep us busy on our train/bus commutes to work--or keep us entertained at home! The holiday season is creeping up, so keep this in mind as a great way to give personal gifts to those you love.

Cookie A. has been showcased on and also publishes her own patterns through her website. She blogs at, and is local to the South Bay. Pin It

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