Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stitch n' Pitch Thank You!

A very special thank you to our GREAT customers who joined us for Stitch n' Pitch on Tuesday night! 'Partying' on the bus and at the game was awesome. We hope you all had as much fun as we did! Enjoy those goodie bags!

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rskmom said...

Hi all,
Due to work schedule, we weren't able to ride the party bus and get the goody bag :( But I did get my tix at Bobbins Nest, and my friend and I had a great time! We were a little disappointed my the gift this year (the Stitch N Pitch cap), only because we heard about the tote that was given out last year. But we got to see a great game and met some cool knitters. It was fun to work on our knitting projects in the presence of people who understand :) Thank Bobbins Nest!

Bobbin's Nest Studio said...

RSKMOM- I can't seem to figure out who you are, but if you give me a call at the shop, I have your goodie bags for you! Sorry we missed each other!