Thursday, July 24, 2008

PR5- Go Green or Go Home

This week Project Runway goes green and Tim Gunn throws a wrench in the design process. (Insert spoiler alert *here*)
Ah, Tim Gunn, how I love your little twists. It's evil, yet done in that classy, no-nonsensical Tim Gunn way! I love it! 

This week on PR5 the designers were told to go green, but they had little control over material choices because their models would be doing the fabric shopping. Well, as you can imagine, many of the models bought the same fabrics and not nearly enough.  As the girls are leaving Parsons, you hear the designers yelling "buy closures!" and my seamstress' heart caught in my throat.  Oh, dear God, what will they do if they don't have closures??? 

Needless to say, closures were minimal, as were the skirts!

Terri is proving to be one of my favorites. Her aesthetic just appeals to me. Last week it was the crocheted mop heads. This week, her model bought navy blue fabric that I of course adored! However, it's what she did with it that I thought was genius and classy. I love ruffled tops that enhance an otherwise an otherwise non-existent bust. Gee, I wonder why?

Kenley also draws me in. Her personal style is very retro late 30's, early 40's and yet I think her designs are modern and tasteful. I get a very similar feeling about her that I had about PR3's Laura Bennett. All the class and taste of old New York. In this challenge champagne silk was purchased for her (as for many of the other designers) and I believe, she definitely made it work!

Finally, Suede (yes, that is his name, or at least the nom de plume he's going by), who speaks about himself in the third person won the challenge.  Suede's annoying little habit aside, his design was very cool. As one of the champagne silk designers, he chose to cut strips on the bias and incorporate some of the hot pink jersey knit that everyone else refused to use. 

This design was definitely a labor of love, but guest judge Natalie Portman thought it was great and said she could see herself wearing it.  As the winner of the challenge, the dress will be manufactured and sold on Bluefly.

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