Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grab some mop heads and "Make It Work!"

Brilliant! The first episode of Project Runway 5 was everything I had wished Season 4 had been and wasn't. For those who haven't watched it on TiVo yet, step away from the blog...for the rest of you, here's my take on this week's episode.

Revisiting the first challenge from Season 1, the group was led to a supermarket to pick out items that they would construct their garments from. Season 1's most fabulous cast member, Austin Scarlett (AKA "Flouncy" at our house), breezed in as only he can do and acted as guest judge. Most of the cast were "slackers" in Tim Gunn's opinion by picking out fabric substitutes like tablecloths and shower curtains. I agree! Jeez people, let's be creative! In my eyes there were three clear standouts that not only reflected creativity, but ingenuity too:

Daniel who melted plastic cups with an iron and molded them into this blue dress. Now, albeit not comfortable and you would probably sweat like a pig in it, I LOVED the use of the iron and the campy Minnie Mouse cartoon quality.

Korto's yellow dress with the use of fresh produce was genius! I thought the kale was an excellent accent and that dress design was very fashion forward. I would expect to see that walking down the streets of New York.

Finally, Terri's crocheted mop head top was brilliant! If I had this challenge you can bet I would have grabbed something that could be knitted or crocheted. What an inventive use for mop heads. Just awesome!

In the end Jerry went home for what can only be described as a bad cleaning woman's outfit. Remember Carol Burnett's cleaning woman outfit? I don't think Bob Mackie has anything to worry about in Jerry. Jerry's was just bizarre.

Kelli won with a dress made from vacuum bags, a notebook's spiral, and coffee filters. Whereas, the innovation and technique were there, I thought the design was icky. It definitely was not my favorite, but such is the life and drama of Project Runway! Pin It

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Christina said...

Thanks to your review of the show I had to tune in and watch for the first time (I was able to catch a replay of the premiere). I have to say I really liked Kelli's dress and agreed with the judges that it was the best.

~ Christina