Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where was I? What was I doing? Who am I?

A few days ago I cleaned out my drawer...and my desk...and under my desk...and under the front counter...this went on for a good portion of a day. What I found was that I have gone from being a VERY monogamous knitter/seamstress to starting a zillion projects and not finishing anything. I suppose you think it's just an occupational hazard and you wouldn't know anything about this now would you? So, I made the resolution to revert to my old ways and work through one project at a time. I loaded up the Vespa and brought EVERYTHING home! Since opening the store, I haven't had much time to knit/ sew on projects while working, so I thought by bringing them home, putting them in one BIG bag by the bed where I can see them every morning, and doling them out one-at-a-time it might guilt me into finishing one or two all of them. Here, in order of "level of guilt," are the Top 10 projects you will see me working COMPLETING in the weeks to come:

1. An embroidered Muse clutch- must finish embroidering the "E" on the front and sew the clutch for an upcoming class.

2. A quilt that is for a friend and is terribly overdue. No pictures of that or description until I have sent it off to said friend.

3. A knitted lace inset, out of Karabella's Vintage Cotton for a sewn pillowcase that I started in the first week we opened.

4. My husband's Misti Alpaca Worsted CHRISTMAS scarf. Yep, that's right, in true Yarn Harlot fashion I gave it to him on the needles! I finished knitting it in Ireland, but now if I could just get those pesky ends woven in!

5. My Ireland socks which are made out of Hazel Knits "Pacific" Artisan sock yarn. They are my FIRST pair of socks! I know! I said I would never knit socks-right? What I'd like to say is that they are my first pair of COMPLETED socks! Sock one is done of course and sock two is almost to the heel flap.

6. Hem the new Sandi Henderson oilcloth tablecloth on the square table so it will stop curling.

7. French blue baby sweater, out of CPY's Merino 5 and of *virtually* my own design. It was for a baby who is probably on his way to college by now. It will become a lovely store just needs a sleeve and a button band!

8. Sandwich pack and napkin project for an upcoming class.

9. Picnic roll also for an upcoming class.

AND, when ALL else is finished....

10. Kate Gilbert's "Camellia" top out of of Classic Elite's yummy blue Cotton Bamboo! This is my reward! I haven't started it, but have had the yarn and pattern for a month now. It taunts me everyday with it's newness!

These are my dirty little secrets? What are you hiding in your stash? Pin It

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