Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update of the unfinished project list...

My name is Erin (insert "Hi Erin" here) and I haven't started a new project in 11 days! Here's the update on the 10 unfinished projects.

1. An embroidered Muse clutch- must finish embroidering the "E" on the front and sew the clutch for an upcoming class. I handed this one off to Didi and she did a splendid job. Is that cheating?

5. My Ireland socks which are made out of Hazel Knits "Pacific" Artisan sock yarn. They are my FIRST pair of socks! I know! I said I would never knit socks-right? What I'd like to say is that they are my first pair of COMPLETED socks! Sock one is done of course and sock two is almost to the heel flap. FINISHED!!! After dropping my husband off at SFO, I sat with a friend in a coffee shop and finished my 2nd sock. They do look pretty darn good, if I do say so myself! Pictures coming soon.

Well, #1 and #5 are done...only 8 more things to go! Who's with me??? (insert sound of crickets here) Pin It

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