Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thank you Wilcox High School Fashion Dept.!

I had the honor of being personally invited to last nights student fashion show by Mrs. R., the head of the Wilcox High School Fashion Department. I just have to say, I have been to quite a few college fashion shows that didn't even look this good! It was well produced, excellently executed and the girls (unfortunately there aren't ANY boys in the dept. this year) rocked the runway. It was fantastic!

I was terribly impressed by the "Garbage Couture" collections. I have seen "Newspaper Couture", but these girls made trash bags look chic! One evening gown made of black trash bags had me reaching for my glasses because it looked like fabric, not plastic! Complete with a bustle and accessorized by a recycled ribbon bouquet, this Victorian inspired gown would have made Jane Austin proud.

The sweetest part of my evening came at the end when the girls invited me on stage and gave me two dozen pink, orange, and peach roses to thank me for not only having them to the store for a morning of sewing, but for coming to speak in their classroom. I was truly touched...truly. Pin It

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