Friday, April 18, 2008

We're a 5 Star Neighborhood!

Do you love Yelp as much as we do? I'm sure you've noticed the little blip on our page about how many reviews we have and our 5 Star rating on Yelp! Well, we started doing a little research about our neighborhood and it turns out that many of our fellows shops and restaurants are also 4 and 5 Star establishments.

Our next door neighbor, Ryan's Sports Shop, also can boast about their 5 Stars! Sweet and funny, the "Boys Next Door" as we call them are a dying breed. You won't find a burn 'em and turn 'em attitude there! They actually let you test their running shoes by jogging up and down the parking lot. They even fit yours truly for a new pair which have made a world of difference in my treadmill experience!

Ibi Boutique over at the Franklin Mall is also a favorite of ours and other Yelpers! Who would guess that such a cute, stylish boutique would exist in the Franklin Mall? Ibi is a joy to work with and she has clothing and jewelry gems that you won't find at department stores! Check her out!

Our Subway sandwich shop has been in the same location for almost 20 years! The owner is so nice and he always remembers an order...of course my being a creature of habit doesn't allow him to forget easily.

City Lights Espresso is also one of our favorites! We eat there almost everyday. They have great coffee, but in addition to that they make sandwiches, soup, cake, cookies and the world's best grilled cheese! Grilled cheese with tomato has been named after me, so just say you want the "Erin Special."

Frozo's opened the same week we did and they are going strong! They offer frozen yogurt with every topping imaginable! An excellent idea on a hot day, Frozo's has become a Saturday tradition for Farmer's Market patrons!

There are so many other shops and restaurants to take note of in our area and it's nice to know that the revitalization of Santa Clara is happening! Please come visit our 5 Star Neighborhood! You're the ones who made it so and we can't thank you enough! Pin It

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ScrapHappy said...

Merci for posting about all these great establishments! I can't wait for my next visit to the 5-star neighborhood. :)