Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sewing Salon Update

Hi all! We have made a change to our Sewing Salon prices due to the wonderfully warm change of seasons. We have slowly been adding more and more sewing classes to our roster, and are excited to announce our new and improved Salon fees:

The Sewing Salon is now open to customers for the low cost of $20 per day, as opposed to the old rate of $20/hour.

We are also proud to announce a monthly rate for the Sewing Salon as well. You can purchase a month-pass for the Sewing Salon for $150 (This is a great gift for Mother’s Day!).

Our Salon is available from 11am-7pm, unless a class or other event has been scheduled. We ask that patrons please call to reserve a spot, so that we can prepare for your arrival ahead of time.

Use the Salon for home projects (think: curtains, pillows, table cloths), class homework, garment construction, finishing knits/crochet pieces, or just to learn your way around a machine. We are also able to set up private lessons for $20/hour for beginners… Great if you’re unable to fit a whole class into your schedule! Pin It

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