Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update on the Sophia bag below...

You know our little bag seamstress who made the cutest "Sophia" bag ever (see last post)??? Yeah, well, she won a contest! Yay!!! Sewing!!! Yay!!! Fabric!!! Yay!!! Free stuff!!!

"Hi Erin,
Remember me? I bought the fabric and the Sophia bag pattern at the store?? The same picture I sent you, I also entered in a contest, just for fun. The bag is going to work with me every day, filled with my lunch and knitting (a girl needs to knit during her lunch hour)!

Today I checked my mail, and to my surprise, I WON!! Now you need to know that I never win anything, never, ever. To toot my own horn I mailed M., and she suggested I mail you with the news. So, I toot a little bit more Here is the link of the site.

Thank you for carrying the fabric that was the inspiration for the bag!!!!!!! Hope to see you soon, and buy more fabric!" Pin It

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