Thursday, February 14, 2008

Project Runway 4- spoiler alert!

Lauren says I need to preface this post with a spoiler alert for those of you have Tivo'd last nights Project Runway, but haven't watched it yet...

I know I haven't been great about posting my thoughts and feelings on PR4 as promised earlier, but I think it wasn't until the Avante Garde and Prom challenges that I really got into it! Seriously. I can't believe it myself! Anyway, I thought I would report the facts and then give you my take.

Last night's semi-final was somewhat uneventful in comparison to past seasons because there was no big trip to Paris or a red carpet dress challenge. The designers were taken to the Met in NY and told to make something inspired by art. My thought...isn't that what they were supposed to be doing all season? I feel the designers have played it VERY safe in PR4 and haven't explored the magnitude of possibilities in each challenge. There was so much opportunity for thinking outside of the box and no one went there. Perhaps because the majority were already working in the field (for the exception of Christian, a babe of 21) that they felt they should stick to what they know. It's been a disappointing season, but nonetheless there have been glimmers of hope.

Christian- love him or hate him, the kid has talent! He's very well-rounded for being so young. Maybe that's his strength- young and impressionable.

Rami- A one-trick pony in my opinion. If I see another drapey dress I think I will scream. I hope he turns out something more exciting for the Bryant Park show!

Jillian- I am looking forward to seeing what she does given more time. I can attest that I am not the best with time constraints either, so I look forward to seeing what she comes up with!

Chris- Love him! He's bawdy, costume-y and over the top! I don't think he has a chance in H-E-double toothpick, but I think personally, he is gifted and fantastic at what he does! Pin It

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