Thursday, February 28, 2008

PR4- Last night's show spoiler

The reining "Queen" of PR4 has gotten das boot. Even though, I am not surprised by Chris' exit, I will say that I am saddened. I thought the three designs he presented were very innovative and something I would actually wear! Very 1920's, flapper-esque with a hint of whimsy that came in the form of human hair. Ok, maybe, the hair was a bit odd, but I will say that I thought it made for a nice aesthetic, only seen before by old-time costume designers using monkey fur. One of my favorite movies Singin' In the Rain has a scene where the latest designs are debuted and monkey fur is used to trim a coat. I can only assume that Chris has seen that movie as many times as I have and enjoyed the scene and the Beautiful Girl lyrics "Her cloak is trimed with monkey fur to lend a dash of drama."

The drama in PR4 dissipated like a puff of smoke with Chris' departure and we are left with much more conventional designs and Christian obsessing over his own hair! Pin It

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Wendee said...

I liked Chris too! I have to say, though, that after spending several hours with 6 other girls shopping for bridesmade dresses, I could have used a little Rami and his Grecian drape!