Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mystery Quilt Revealed!

What do you get when you add free time on a weekend with your mother-in-law, fabric, and a mystery quilt pattern? Well, apparently a Mystery Quilt. I helped one of our budding quilters select the fabric for her first quilt a few weeks ago and this is what she's come back with! How exciting!

Her email cracked me up, so I asked if I could share it!

"By the way, here is a photo of my "mystery quilt" -- it involved weaving...fusing...all very good to was FUN and exhausting. We finished the whole quilt front in 1 1/2 days (all day Sat/Sun morning). It is now being quilted to the backing. I am going with a dark brown color on color for the back. Thanks so much for having such fun fabrics in the store to choose from! During the quilting day I kept hearing "This is SO COOL" and "It's definitely not your grandmother's quilt" Hah!"

Congrats Mary! Glad I could help and thanks for sharing! Pin It

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cpurl17 said...

That's gorgeous!!