Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bonita Knitting

It happened on the way to knitting and starting a business...I made a friend.

I am very lucky to have found a great friend in Susan of Bonita Knitting and I just wanted to take a moment to toot her horn! You might remember that I mentioned her when we opened and she surprised me by flying up from San Diego to inaugurate the store. Well, as if that weren't enough, she also flew up for Stitches! Let me just tell you how grateful I am to have a person like Susan in my corner. She pitched in where necessary, in spite of me telling her that she was on 'vacation' and to enjoy herself. I was just happy to have her smiling face here, I didn't expect her to actually work! She has her own store to run, but she took time out of her busy schedule to be with me!

Her store is just as lovely as she is! If you think our store is wonderful, you need to check out Bonita Knitting in Bonita, California (near San Diego and just before you cross the border)! She carries a vast selection of yarns, needles and accessories in a cozy space! Tea is always steeping by the potful and Susan's staff is friendly and talented! The shop is warm and inviting, lightly scented with the sweet smell of creativity. Her 'Sock Yarn Tasting' is now legendary and became standing-room-only when droves of sock knitters came out of the woodwork!

I joke that Bonita Knitting is our "Sister Store in the South", but it truly is when you compare the quaint location, the luscious yarns, and the friendly staff. I am proud to be in the company of such an amazing woman! Pin It


shifra1 said...

Erin, you flatterer!!! I had an absolutely wonderful time at your shop and especially meeting the terrific, charming, and cute gals you work with. I hardly pulled my weight, but was just happy to be a part of your successful event. I value our friendship more than you can imagine, and am muy excited about our possible professional collaborations. I hope one day we can host all of your gals (and Dave) at Bonita Knitting!

Wendee said...

I can't wait to get down there! It was a pleasure to meet you Susan!