Monday, January 21, 2008

Master Knitter's Club starts Tuesday, February 5th!

We would like to invite you, fellow knitters, to join us in working through the The Knitting Guild Association's Master Knitters Program!

This is not only a great opportunity to step up your knitting skills, but also a wonderful way to build a network of resources, make friends in our store, and begin a lifelong journey in the land of knitting. Join Didi and The Store Cat as they work through the tri-level program. We will perfect our basic knitting skills and master advanced techniques! In addition to the technical boons of the TKGA Masters Program, there are many social benefits in joining us in this endeavor. We will host a monthly get-together on the first Tuesday of every month, as well as occasional 'Members Only' events, act as a shipping center for your swatches, help you through tricky instructions, work with you in evaluating your techniques, and will also offer a 10% discount on supplies for the Master Knitters Program*.

So, join us in this quest! We have sign-up sheets in the shop, all of the supplies you'll need to create your swatches, and a friendly staff to help you develop your talent!

For more information about TKGA click here.

*10% discount on supplies DOES NOT include or work in conjunction with: the cost of the TKGA program, our classes, gift cards, or with any other discount or store sale. The Master Knitters program is done through TKGA, all sign up fees are to be paid by you directly to TKGA. Our club is FREE to join and is not affiliated with the Guild, TKGA, or any other group. We are merely here for support! Pin It

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