Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Yarn!!!

Misti....Alpaca....Chunky...Hand-Painted!!!! Anyone? Anyone? We just got our first shipment in. We have 4 colors and should be getting 4 more in VERY soon! It's so new they don't even have it on their website yet! We're bringing it to you first...piping hot and delicious!

***UPDATE 12/23/07***
This just in...5 more colors are due to arrive when we get back from vacation! Stay tuned for more info! Pin It

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CoasterMeg said...

This yarn is SO yummy to work with! I decided to make a hat with the hank I bought Wednesday and I adore working with it. It's so soft and easy to knit. I'm using #10.5 needles, so it's quick knit, too. The colors are more autumn tones than red, and I like them even more now that it's knit up than in the hank - if that's possible.

Yum yum yum!