Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Saturday was quite a day!

Thanks so much to everyone who came to our Sewing Salon grand opening on Saturday! What a day! We had so much fun eating great food (thank you Whole Foods), drinking mimosas, teaching people new skills (Meg and The Store Cat were awesome!), and giving product away! Our grand prize winner turned out to be one of our little ladies from across the street coincidentally enough. She is not an internet junkie like the rest of us, so I have been feverishly trying to get ahold of her without luck. I am hoping she comes in today and I get to present her with her $100 gift card to the store! We also had some other BIG winners....one lucky customer walked out with the pearl "Bella" bag not only designed, but signed by THE Jordana Paige! I will be notifying the rest of the winners today...but, you are all winners in my eyes!

Here are the top questions from Saturday...

Q. Erin, did you knit your sweater?
A. Um, no. Would have been nice, and I am good, but not that good. It was a deal scored from Anthropologie.

Q. Erin, where do you get your hair cut?
A. Vanessa from 5 Color Cowboy keeps me looking beeeyouteeefull! She also does my color. Give her a call and tell her Erin sent you!

Q. Are you on Ravelry?
A. Yes! We are! I will be making a big announcement about it and will be sending a mass email out, so look for that!

Q. Will you be offering sock classes and why don't you have any self-striping sock yarn?
A. Yes, we will be offering a sock class. I don't have the self-striping sock yarn yet, but there have been SO many requests that we will be carrying it soon. For now we carry: Tofutsies and Louet Gems Sport and Fingering weights. All make beautiful socks.

And the #1 question...

Q. When are you coming out with your class schedule?
A. I am trying to get it out by the end of this week. I thank you for your patience. If there were only more hours in the day... Pin It

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Didi B said...

I can't wait to get the class schedule. ;)