Thursday, November 15, 2007

Project Runway Rundown- Oh Simone!

I'm afraid my Week 1 Project Runway Rundown article begins with a heavy heart. Even though Tim Gunn stated that he believes this to be the most talented group of designers yet (I am paraphrasing here), I just didn't have that reaction. Normally, I connect with the PR designers right off the bat and typically my predictions of who will be the last three standing is pretty right on. I can't say for sure what happened last night, but I just didn't get that feeling. Yes, there was talent, combined with skill, with a few "interesting" personalities thrown in for good measure, but there was something lacking. All I can figure is that it was my lack of connection. For example, on Season 1, I immediately loved Jay and Austin (who my husband refers to as Flouncy). Season 2, Daniel V. stole my heart and Santino, as obnoxious as I initially thought him to be, won me over. And do you even have to ask who I was rooting for in Season 3? Um, Laura of course!!! There was just something about all of these past designers that I felt would set them apart.

Last night, I loved the dress that Rami made, and that won the "Sew Me What You Got" competition, but I felt like I had seen it before. It looked a little like what J Lo has been wearing to cover up her baby bump. It was draped beautifully though and I will give him props for staying neutral in color and not going off the deep end like some of the others.

Simone's dress was poorly constructed and just not very pretty, so I can see why she got Das Boot the first go around, but what was everyone's feelings on Elisa? Wow! Although I have used myself as a dress form in the past, never have I laid across the cutting table draping myself with fabric! She's a strange one for sure, but then again that's what makes good reality TV, right?

Sweet P is another one. Seriously, Sweet P? Hmmm....there's just not much I can say about that.

We'll have to wait and see how the season unfolds, but for right now, I am just hoping to establish a connection sooner rather than later. Pin It

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