Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just a great lady

Typically I don't get too personal on the store blog, but I feel that the past week has been a difficult one and you're probably wondering where I've been, why the Project Runway stuff isn't updated, and why the class schedule is STILL not up.

My husband and I suffered the great loss of his Aunt Beth over the Thanksgiving holiday and we are in the midst of recovering. Aunt Beth was that last of his family and over the past 4+ years had become family to me as well. At 90 years old, she was still living on her own, playing bridge on a regular basis, reminiscing of her worldly travels and of knitting bandages for leprosy patients. One of our happiest moments was her attendance at our wedding last year. As we have a small family, having Aunt Beth there was of the utmost importance to us. A candid picture of her sitting in the front row, smiling ear to ear, as she watched us exchange our vows is forever treasured. It was a moment of pure happiness. She was a remarkable woman and she will be missed immensely.

I would like to also add that even though she never made it up to the store, Aunt Beth was a huge supporter of my dream. I am lucky to have her voice permamently etched on my brain saying "How are you people? And how is your store? You know I used to knit..." Pin It

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Jolene said...

Sorry about your loss.