Thursday, November 15, 2007

Das Boot Poll Contest

I've posted our first Project Runway, Season 4 poll. "Who's Going to Get Das Boot?" on next week's show? (I hate the term "auf'd" that Heidi Klum has coined, so I stole my husband's favorite term for "kicking off").

POLL RULES: You need to respond to me by the Tuesday before 'Project Runway' airs with your prediction, this includes voting in the poll, AND sending me an email to bobbinsnest [at] gmail [dot] com with "DAS BOOT" in the subject line including who you think will get kicked off and your contact info. in the body of the email. If your chosen designer gets booted, you will be entered into our weekly drawing for a $25 gift certificate to the store*. You may only vote once and please be honest about it...I know there are probably things online that tell you the break down of how the entire season unfolds, but I like to be surprised, so just play fair. If you don't get Bravo at home you can still play along by reading the Bravo Website. There are bios of the designers, blogs written by past winners and pictures documenting just about everything!

*We are not an online store, so please live in the San Francisco Bay Area if you choose to participate. I am happy to mail the winning gift card, but you should be able to spend it IN the store. Pin It

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