Monday, November 5, 2007


Saturday, November 10th kicks off two things! First, as you know, we are opening our "Sewing Salon/ Knitting Lounge" to you, our adoring customers! Second, this is the start of our *NEW* weekly event called "Saturday Craft Brunch" (our version of organized social crafting) that will be held every Saturday from 11-1pm. We are so excited for both things! Both events are *FREE* and start at 11am! ***THE STORE WILL BE CLOSED FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH IN PREPARATION FOR THE UNVEILING!!!***

SEWING SALON/ KNITTING LOUNGE: Many of you have asked when our class schedule is coming out and when the sewing machines are arriving. Saturday gets the ball rolling! The sewing machines will be set up and ready for use! For $20/ hour you will be able to rent a sewing machine, use the cutting table, have access to our space and tools. You must be 18 years or older to use the sewing machines (although, we will eventually offer classes for our friends 12 and up!). Saturday is going to be a busy day, so we can give you a little help, but you should know how to sew. This is not a at your own risk! ;-)

In addition to the opening of the salon, we will have some special guests...from 11-1pm, Meg will be demonstrating 4 different methods of casting on, as well as, different types of increases and decreases (and when they are best used). Meg's demos are just that-demos...these are not classes, so please be considerate of her time. Demonstrations will run for a half hour each and will be repeated, so if you miss the 11am show, you can catch it again at noon!: 11-11:30am-Cast Ons, 11:30-12pm-Increases/ Decreases, 12-12:30pm-Cast Ons, 12:30-1pm- Increases/ Decreases. Meg's demos are FREE!

Our "Store Cat" will also be here most of the day to help anyone who needs help on their knitting. Whether that means an impromptu knitting lesson, help with a knitting issue, or just general encouragement. This is on a first come, first serve basis, and there is no charge for the first 15 minutes. If your issue is not resolved by then, you may schedule a private lesson with the Store Cat at another time and will be charged at a rate of $20/hour.

Finally, as if that's not enough, the biggest news!....Jordana of Jordana Paige knitting bag fame will be here signing her bags from 1-3pm. Please stop in and have your Jordana Paige bag autographed by the designer herself! You may bring your existing bag or you may purchase one from us. (Psst....we still have quite a few Jordana bags on sale through this Thursday, November 9th- 20% off! You'll pay full price on Saturday!)

We'll also have a slew of giveaways on Saturday! Including books, needles, notions and a secret GRAND PRIZE for one lucky customer!

SATURDAY CRAFT BRUNCH: Some words about the Saturday Craft Brunch...quiche, mimosas, scones, coffee, tea and crafting...what's not to like about that? This will be an ongoing Saturday event, so bring your friends and get crafting! There is ***NO CHARGE*** for the brunch and it (as with everything else in this post) is on a first come, first serve basis. Should you rent a sewing machine, you will be charged for that...oh, and no mimosas by the sewing machines please. Pin It

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