Monday, October 1, 2007

The opening days...

Let me start by thanking everyone who has visited Bobbin's Nest Studio! The familiar faces have put me at ease and the support warms my heart. Two of the biggest surprises came from 4-H sewing teacher, Sue, flew in from Kansas just for the occasion. I am sure it was really hard for my Mom and sisters to keep that one a secret! From age 9, Sue has had an immense impact on my life and seeing her walk through the door made me realize what an impact I have had on her as well! It was indeed the biggest surprise anyone has pulled off for me! Thanks to my family and to Sue for making it so special!

I also got a HUGE surprise from Bonita Knitting, or as I fondly refer to them as, "my sister store in Southern California." Susan and Kathy, who I met on the Stitch n' Beach cruise to Mexico I took back in January, flew up from San Diego to spend the day in the store with me! What a treat! They brought tea, goodies for giveaways, smiles, and hugs!!! They were more than happy to peruse our library, hang out and knit, but it was a comfort to know that they would jump in where needed. I still can't believe they hopped on a plane just to see me (well, and the store) for the day! Thank you girls!!! You're the best!

We've also met a few new faces...people for the neighborhood, Farmer's Market patrons, and my little ladies from across the street who welcomed me yesterday (our second day in business) with open arms! It is shocking to me how many people have been watching the progress of the store as it has evolved from an empty space to an open, thriving store!

I am diligently working on getting the notions wall up today, but I thought I would put a little bug in your ear...a new shipment of hand-dyed Sheep Shop Yarn Sheep 3 yarn just went out on the floor and it is lovely! Pin It


mel said...

Just popped by today at lunch, the store is great! I'm looking forward to your sewing classes. :)

Jen said...

Congrats, Erin!!! I'm so looking forward to stopping by this week and checking out the Nest!!!!

I love, love, love your logo!!!

cynthia said...

Hi there Erin! (I'm Cynthia and met you at Commuknity) I was just asking Nathania and Chloe how you were when I was over there at lunch and they said you've got a store over on Homestead. Congratulations and good luck. I'm glad to hear you'll have needlework stuff as well as yarny goodness.