Sunday, September 2, 2007

Project Runway...encouraging the designer within

In the spirit of my belief, "everyone is creative," I am adding some fun things to the blog that will tie in with (eventual) activities at the store. The first thing is a countdown to the "Project Runway" premiere. As one of the few television programs showcasing emerging designers, I believe it encourages the little designer in all of us. Whether you sew, knit, crochet or embellish, many ideas can be gleaned from "Project Runway." The show's 4th season will premiere on November 14th...and now you won't forget!

Stay tuned for more to come! Pin It


Jordana said...

I've so been counting this down too!

SpinalCat said...

I love Project Runway too!

I'm new to the area and curious to know if all your hiring has been done, especially for knitting teachers. My specialties are in lace and sock knitting. I've come up with my own curriculum for private lessons and I have a reputation as a problem-solver in my old knitting group back home. I'm also a handspinner. I'd love to give you my contact info in case you decide you need more teachers, seasonal workers, want to expand into spinning, etc.

Thanks and best of luck!