Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's all happening here at the Bobbin's Nest!

I wanted to post a little more information about the store's opening on Saturday.

First, we will be open from 11-7pm (our normal business hours) Saturday. Grab a coffee at City Lights Espresso and toodle through the Farmer's Market while you're here! From 9-1pm every Saturday experience a little slice of France in the open air market! Margaret's French Bakery will tempt you with their lovely pastries while fresh cut flowers burst with color. The local vegetables are are divine and will make an excellent autumnal soup for the week ahead.

Plan on spending the crisp autumn morning at the market then stop by the store and select something for that new fall project. Our yarn selection is gorgeous and the fabric wall is delectable. There's just so much to choose from! Our books and pattern selection will inspire you! Have a seat in our lounge and let the inspiration wash over you! Also, if you drop by Saturday we will be handing out coupons for a future October purchase.

Second, there was a question about our dog friendliness. It breaks my heart to say this because I have a dog, Scout, who would love to be the store mascot, but I cannot allow pets in the store unless they are service dogs. I will say that it was out of my control and is definitely not something I am happy with. However, with that will always find bowls of fresh water at the front and back doors of the store and a jar of dog cookies on the counter!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday! If you miss us that day, please visit us when we open again on Tuesday at 11am! Pin It


Caroline said...

Yay! I look forward to seeing your store on Saturday! The pup will do just fine at home (she has plenty of other people/dogs to play with), and trust me, I'm not missing a visit to a new yarn store just for the dog. I love her and all, but hey, it's not every day I get to fall in love with a new shop =) See you Saturday!

Black Purl said...

Congrats on the opening. I wish I was there with you. Kisses!

Jenn said...

Congrats and I visited on your first day and *love* the store! I live down the street so I can't wait to walk down for more fun stuff. :)

Sydney said...

HI Erin!
I bought some very yummy yarn on Saturday.... was hoping to 'begin' a knit nite at your shop... just me and whoever else wants to hanging around after work knitting until you close. Does Wednesday work for you or are you planning on closing up early? Please let me know~
Sydney -